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2001 TGIR Award Winners Video (In Order of Goals and Objectives):

Goal 1: Revolutionize Aviation

Awarded To: Aircraft Icing Project Team

Objective 1: Aviation Safety

Awarded To:
Dallas/Ft. Worth Synthetic Vision Systems Research Team

Objective 2: Aviation Emissions Reduction

Awarded To:
Advanced Combustor Fuel Injector Development Team

Objective 3: Noise Reduction

Awarded To:
Airframe Noise Reduction Team

Objective 4: Increase Capacity

Awarded To:
Future ATM Concepts Evaluation Tool (FACET) Team

Objective 5: Mobility

Awarded To:
General Aviation Propulsion Revitalization Team

Goal 2: Advanced Space Transportation

Awarded To:
Deep Space 1 Ion Engine and SCARLET PV Array Development Team

Objective 6: Mission Safety

Awarded To:
Highly Maneuverable Crew Transfer Vehicle Team

Objective 7: Mission Affordability

Awarded To:
X-33 Thermal Protection System Development Team

Goal 3: Pioneering Technology Innovation

Awarded To:
Numberical Propulsion System (NPSS) Team

Objective 9: Engineering Innovation

Awarded To:
Control Designer's Unified Interface Development Team

Objective 10: Technology Innovation

Awarded To:
RTM/RI High Temperature Composites Team

Goal 4: Commercialize Technology

Awarded To:
Broadband SatCom/Ring Buffer Network Team

Administrator's Award

Awarded To:
Aircraft Vortext Spacing System (AVOSS) Team


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