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PAVE is "Project Announcement Visibility Effort" a tool used to advertise special project opportunities to HQ and Center employees. PAVE is a resource for both supervisor and employee to accomplish the mission of various projects for one time only efforts that have a start and end date, which can last one week to 12 months. The PAVE program is sponsored by the Career Management Office (CMO). It is designed to openly solicit volunteers for high profile assignments or special projects, which may lead to greater visibility, and career enhancement for the volunteer. It is not part of the merit promotion and competitive placement plan.

How Does PAVE Work?

PAVE is a web-based tool for announcing special project opportunities and selecting NASA employees for short-term and/or high visibility projects. PAVE will consist of details, temporary assignments, and other forms of special assignments on a short-term basis. As such, assignments range from brief details of a few hours to a full year. These projects will be posted weekly, or as initiated by the respective organizations. Every employee will have access to this system for viewing and applying for announcements. Volunteers must have their supervisor's approval to participate prior to applying for a project.

What Does PAVE Offer?

  • Diverse ideas
  • Greater opportunities for individuals who may have less visibility
  • Occasionally will lead to opportunities for promotion (specialized experience, visibility)
  • Gives potential promotion candidates "dry run" at assuming more responsibility
  • Win-win for the volunteer (applicant) and the project manager (hiring official)

Other benefits PAVE offer:

Managers get snapshots of employees during interviews.
Managers get to observe employees’ performance on the project.
Short-term assignments benefit both managers and employees.

How to Access PAVE:
(HQ Supervisors and designated Admin Officers only)

A NASA HQ Form 224 is no longer required by NASA HQ as a security policy; however, HQ Supervisors and Administrative personnel (creating or approving announcements) must complete an HONURS Form 224 to access the PAVE system.  Center Directors and designated Admins have separate instructions for completing/forwarding the NHQ Form 224*.  These instructions only apply to new HQ Supervisors and Admin Officers. To obtain access to PAVE, log into HONURS at If you do not have an account to HONURS you can log on as an anonymous user to initiate your request. Insert your NASA HQ User ID into the box when it prompts you. This will pull up a new request form with your information pre-populated:

  • Access Request NHQ Form 224 (New HQ Administrative personnel and Supervisors will create/approve announcements),
  • Enter user ID,
  • Scroll down Applications Access Request
    • Press "Existing"
    • Scroll down to HRTS-PAVE and highlight, press OK

  • Scroll down page again, down to justification, place in this box "Access is being requested for PAVE." Include in the justification box, User level, i.e., Supervisor, Manager, or Admin. Manager's name and phone number and User's email address and phone number,
  • Once this is completed, save your request and submit.

After the HONURS electronic approvals have been completed you will receive an Email from HONURS with a PDF document that needs to be printed and signed by you. Then you will take this form and log it in to the NHQ 224 logbook on the 4th Floor (4A35--see posted instructions). An account administrator will contact you shortly thereafter (approximately 5 days) with your account information.

If you need assistance in completing your HONURS Form 224, see your Code IT Point of Contact or call Sherry McAllister on 358-1633.

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Updated: February 8, 2007
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