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Welcome to NASA's Aerospace Technology Newsletter

This newsletter will highlight selected items from NASA aeronautics and access-to-space research so that industry, government agencies, universities and the public understand what NASA is doing to improve air travel for the traveling public. It will also showcase promising technologies for lowering the cost of sending a payload into orbit. Initially, this newsletter will be updated bimonthly.

Each issue will have articles about upcoming events, different technologies or programs that are a part of the Aerospace Enterprise, updates on what is occurring within the Office of Aerospace Technology and an article about a NASA employee.

The front page will have overviews about more detailed articles covered in later pages, along with upcoming events that may be of interest.

Who's Who in the NASA OAT? will feature a narrative from different NASA aeronautics personnel.

OAT Update will provide news or updates of ongoing stories.

In addition, the newsletter will have it's own search engine, an archives page for past articles that is searchable, a links page containing links to NASA OAT centers and other sites of interest, as well as pages for feedback, and a subscription page where readers can subscribe to an e-mail reminder that the latest issue is on-line.

If you have comments about the newsletter, please visit our Feedback page. Let us know what topics, issues and people you'd like to see covered in future issues.