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NASA Implementation Plan
for Education 1999–2003

NASA Education Program


Executive Summary

The Role of Education in NASA's Strategic Plan

Leadership Strategies and Priorities: FY 1999–2003

Improvement Initiatives: NASA's Education Agenda

Operating Principles for NASA's Education Program

The NASA Education Program and Evaluation Framework

Roles and Responsibilities in the Implementation of NASA's Education Program


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Executive Summary

This Education Implementation Plan, one component of the NASA Strategic Management System, provides general guidance for the implementation and continual improvement of the NASA Education Program for fiscal years 1999–2003. Therefore, this plan is primarily directed to those officials who are charged with the functional responsibility of conceiving, directing, and implementing education activities within NASA.

Specifically, this document:

  • Identifies three leadership strategies to improve and guide our efforts

  • Outlines our education agenda for the next five years through seven improvement initiatives

  • Delineates the operating principles integral to the conduct of all NASA education activities

  • Defines the NASA Education Program and Evaluation Framework, the basis from which our agency-wide and center-based programs are organized, implemented, and evaluated

  • Describes the roles and responsibilities of the various organizational entities that carry out the NASA Education Program