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Facilities and Real Estate Division

NPD 7330.1H: Approval Authorities for Facilities Projects
NPD 8800.14E Policy for Real Estate Management
NPR 8800.15C: Real Estate Management Program Implementation Manual
NPD 8820.2C: Design and Construction of Facilities
NPR 8820.2F: Facility Project Requirements (FPR)
NPD 8831.1E Maintenance and Operations of Institutional and Program Facilities and Related Equipment
NPR 8831.2E Facilities Maintenance and Operations Management
NPD 8810.2 Master Planning for Real Property
NPR 8810.1 Master Planning Procedural Requirements

Operations and Maintenance

NASA's maintenance philosophy is to aggressively and proactively pursue and adopt the safest, most cost-effective, best blend of Reliability Centered Maintenance Guide (RCM - Accessible version coming) techniques, safety procedures and other best practices to provide safe and reliable facilities to support NASA's mission.

The goal of the Maintenance and Operations Program is to provide maintenance and repair of facilities and collateral equipment that protects the health and safety of personnel, protects the environment, protects and preserves NASA's capabilities and capital investment, and enables mission performance by following good business practices while minimizing life-cycle facilities costs.

NASA’S Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) is employed by public and private organizations world-wide to address a host of reliability issues in order to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) while controlling the Life-Cycle Cost (LCC) inherent with Asset Management and Facility Stewardship. The role of RCM in organizations has expanded past the development of maintenance tasks and strategies, varying from “run to failure” to streamlined Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) combined with, Predictive Testing and Inspection (PT&I), Sustainability, Energy Efficiency, Maintainability, Reliability Analysis, and the Various Commissioning processes.

This Guide is offered as a tool to assist NASA facility organizations in implementing and institutionalizing an RCM approach to achieve and maintain the world-class facilities required to support the inherent reliability and sustainability goals at any NASA Center and component facility.

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