NASA's Vision & Mission

NASA April 12, 2002 Vision & Mission Paper (pdf - 1.4 MB)

"Pioneering the Future" - April 12, 2002 Address by Administrator Sean O'Keefe at Syracuse University (pdf - 188 KB)

The NASA Strategic Plan

NASA 2000 Strategic Plan (Flash walk through)

NASA 2000 Strategic Plan (pdf-3.1 MB)

To request a hard copy of the NASA 2000 Strategic Plan please send your request and address to: Strategic Planning

Enterprise Strategic Plans

Functional Leadership Plans
Plans for each of NASA's functional offices, describing detailed NASA plans that support the NASA Strategic Plan in functional arenas (such as human resources, education, and management systems).

Center Implementation Plans

Performance Plan

NASA FY 2003 Performance Plan (pdf menu - bottom of page)

NASA FY 2002 Performance Plan (pdf - 1.1 MB)

Performance Reports

NASA 2001 Performance Report (pdf - 3.7 MB)

NASA 2000 Performance Report (pdf - 7.2 MB)

NASA 1999 Performance Report (pdf - 2.8 MB)

Accountability Report

NASA 2001 Accountability Report (pdf - 8.8 MB)

NASA 2000 Accountability Report (pdf - 6.3 MB)


NASA FY 2003 President's Budget (pdf menu)

NASA Technology Plan

NASA Strategic Management Handbook

Strategic Management Handbook  (html)      Strategic Management Handbook  (pdf)
Describes NASA's Strategic Mangement System the set of processes through which NASA manages, plans, budgets, and evaluates its activities

NASA 1999 Performance Metrics for R&D Organizations Workshop

Planning Archives
Old NASA Strategic Management Documents

Other NASA Planning Information

Documents with names ending in .pdf (portable document format) have been prepared using Adobe Acrobat and require the Acrobat Reader software to view them.  Some of these files are large (file size is indicated).

Updated April 12, 2002

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