Appendix A Designated Center Mission Areas and Centers of Excellence


Center Mission Area

Area(s) of Excellence


Ames Research Center Aviation Operations Systems and Astrobiology

Information Technology


Dryden Flight Research Center Flight Research

Atmospheric Flight Operations


Goddard Space Flight Center

Earth Science and Physics and Astronomy

Earth Science and Physics and Astronomy


Glenn Research Center Aeropropulsion and Aerospace Power Systems Research and Technology




Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Planetary Science and Exploration and Instrument Technology


Deep Space Systems
Johnson Space Center

Human Exploration and Astro Materials


Human Operations in Space
Kennedy Space Center

Space Launch


Launch and Payload Processing Systems
Langley Research Center

Airframe Systems and
Atmospheric Science


Structure and Materials
Marshall Space Flight Center

Space Transportation Systems Development, Microgravity and Space Optics, and Manufacturing Technology


Space Propulsion
Stennis Space Center Rocket Propulsion Testing and Commercial Remote Sensing Rocket Propulsion Testing Systems


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