Appendix B Principal Center Designations

For the most current listings for this appendix, please refer to the online version of NPG 1000.2.

Functional Area

Center/HQ Code
Conduct of Agency Independent Assessments and Program LaRC/AE
Preferred NASA Technical Standards MSFC/AE
Engineering Excellence Initiative MSFC/AE
Intelligent Synthesis Environment


Intelligent Systems ARC/AF
EEE Parts and Packaging JPL/AE
National Center for Advanced Manufacturing MSFC/AF
IT Business Case Review LaRC/AO
Scientific and Technical Information Program LaRC/AO
Printing Management and Forms and Mail Officer Functions GSFC/AO
Principal Center for Information Technology Security ARC/AO
Principal Center for PC Workstation Hardware and Software GRC/AO

NASA Automated Data Processing Consolidation
Center (NACC)

Principal Center for Communications Architecture MSFC/AO
Outsourcing Desktop Initiative for NASA (ODIN) GSFC/AO

Sustaining Engr. Support for Agencywide Admin.
Systems (SESAAS)

Agency Payroll MSFC/B
International Travel and PCS Voucher Processing JSC/B
Integrated Financial Management (IFM) System Contract Management GSFC/B
IFM System Project Management MSFC/B
IFM System Training Office MSFC/B and F
IFM System Operations MSFC/B
IFM System Transition Management JSC/B
Program Oversight and Cost Estimating LaRC/B
Earned Value Management MSFC/B
Government Travel Charge Card Program Coordinator LaRC/B
Contractor Financial Management Reporting (Form 533 Cost Reporting) JSC/B
Defense Contract Administrative Service Financial Management Support MSFC/B
Human Resources Automated Systems (NPPS, CAPPS, NTDS, CTDS) MSFC/B and F
Drug-free Workplace Laboratory Analysis Services KSC/F
Employee Relocation Services KSC/F
Agencywide Human Resources Operations Activities ARC/F
Spacelink MSFC/F
Academy of Program/Project Leadership LaRC/F
NASA's Contracting Intern Program KSC/H and CP
Agency BankCard Program LaRC/H
NASA's Acquisition Internet Service (NAIS) MSFC/H
Electronic Commerce and Integration MSFC/H
Environmental Information Resource Management Support GRC/JE
Recycling and Affirmative Procurement KSC/JE
NASA Acquisition Pollution Prevention (AP2) KSC/JE
NASA Operational Environmental Team (NOET) MSFC/JE
NASA Online Directives Information System (NODIS) GSFC/JM
Center Directives Management System ARC/JM
Agencywide Travel Services Contract/Oversight GSFC/JG
Excess Equipment Reutilization Screening LaRC/JG
Logistics Business Systems Operations and Maintenance MSFC/JG
Specifications Kept Intact (SPECSINTACT) KSC/JX
Facility Project Management System (FPMS) KSC/JX
Processing Wage Determinations GSFC/JR
Extranet for Security Professionals ARC/JS
Threat Analysis and Dissemination JSC/JS
Security/Law Enforcement Standards and Training KSC/JS
Communications Security/Electronic Key Management KSC/JS
High Definition Television MSFC/M
Scheduling Astronauts for Public Appearances JSC/P
Fire Support Protection Program KSC/Q
Software Assurance ARC IV&V/Q
Metrology and Calibration KSC/Q
Range Safety KSC/Q
Non-Destructive Evaluation LaRC/Q
Occupational Health Program



Center key: ARC—Ames Research Center; GSFC—Goddard Space Flight Center; GRC—Glenn Research Center; JPL—Jet Propulsion Laboratory; JSC—Johnson Space Center; KSC—Kennedy Space Center; LaRC—Langley Research Center; MSFC—Marshall Space Flight Center; and IV&V—Independent Verification and Validation.


HQ Code key: AE—Chief Engineer; AF—Chief Technologist; AO—Chief Information Officer; B—Office of the Chief Financial Officer; CP—Headquarters Human Resources Management Division; F—Office of Human Resources and Education; H—Office of Procurement; JE—Environmental Management Division; JG—Logistics Management Office; JM—Management Assessment Division; JR—Industrial Relations Officer; JS—Security Management Officer; JX—Facilities Engineering Division; M—Office of Space Flight; P—Office of Public Affairs; Q—Office of Safety and Mission Assurance; and U—Office of Life and Microgravity Sciences and Applications.


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