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P.1 Purpose

P.2 Applicability

P.3 Authority

P.4 References

P.5 Cancellation

Chapter 1—Strategic Management System

1.1 Overview

1.2 Strategic Planning

1.3 Implementation: Performance and Budget Planning

1.4 Performance Evaluation and Reporting

Chapter 2—Roles and Responsibilities

2.1 Organizational Overview

2.2 Agency Management

2.3 Enterprise Management

2.4 Functional Management

2.5 Crosscutting Process Management

2.6 Manage Strategically

2.7 Provide Aerospace Products and Capabilities

2.8 Generate Knowledge

2.9 Communicate Knowledge

2.10 NASA and its Employees: Mutual Responsibilities

2.11 Office of Inspector General

Chapter 3—Strategic Planning

3.1 The Government Performance and Results Act of 1993

3.2 NASA Strategic Planning Requirements

3.3 NASA's Strategic Plan

3.4 Enterprise Strategic Plans

3.5 Capital Investment Planning

3.6 Functional Office Planning

Chapter 4—Implementation Planning

4.1 Performance and Budget Planning Process

4.2 Five-Year Budget Planning Overview

4.3 Performance Planning

4.4 Developing and Issuing Guidance

4.5 Performance and Budget Decisionmaking Process

4.6 Management and Employee Performance Planning

4.7 Implementation in the Operation Year

Chapter 5—Performance Evaluation

5.1 Performance Evaluation Process

5.2 Agency Annual GPRA Performance Report and Other External Reporting Requirements

5.3 External Reviews

5.4 Independent Validation of Performance Measures

5.5 Education, Training, and Rewards in Strategic Management


A Designated Center Mission Areas and Centers of Excellence

B Principal Center Designations

C Lead Center Program Assignments

D NASA Policy Directives (NPD) and NASA Procedures and Guidelines (NPG)

E National Aeronautics and Space Act, as Amended

F Government Performance and Results Act of 1993

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