Synergy Among the Enterprises

The Strategic Enterprises comprise an integrated national aeronautics and space program. Synergism of broad purposes, technology requirements, workforce skills, facilities, and many other dimensions was the basis for amalgamating these activities within NASA in the Space Act of 1958, and the benefits remain strong today.

In addition to the examples of synergies noted in the previous Enterprise descriptions, the HEDS Enterprise provides the Space Science and Space Technology Enterprises the means to benefit from human presence in the unique environment of space. Conversely, the Space Science and Space Technology Enterprises provide the foundation for the HEDS Enterprise by, among other things, undertaking precursor robotic missions and developing needed knowledge and technology. The Space Science Enterprise enriches the MTPE Enterprise with studies of the Sun, the other planets, and the near-Earth environment for their relevance to our understanding of the Earth. The Aeronautics Enterprise and the HEDS Enterprise are mutually supportive in high-speed aerodynamics, vehicle control systems, and crew accommodation research. The MTPE Enterprise provides the Aeronautics Enterprise with assessments of atmospheric effects of aircraft emissions in the context of a joint program with industrial participation. The MTPE and Space Science Enterprises coordinate research on Earth/solar interactions, and they participate in the New Millennium program for technology development. These are but a few examples of the mutually beneficial interactions among NASA's Strategic Enterprises.

Synergy of the Space Sciences

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