Vision, Mission, and Goals

a graphical representation of NASA's goals as defined below.


We will be at the forefront of exploration and science. We will develop and transfer to industry cutting-edge technologies in aeronautics and space to fulfill our national needs. We will establish a permanent human presence in space, expanding and sustaining human exploration, use, and development of space in our solar system and providing benefits in science, technology, and commerce that will contribute to a better life on the Earth for this and future generations. As we pursue our mission, we will enrich our Nation's society and economy. We will communicate widely the content, relevancy, and excitement of NASA's missions and discoveries to inspire and to increase understanding and the broad application of science and technology.

In the longer term, it is our goal to undertake bold and noble challenges and to share the excitement of NASA's future programs with our fellow citizens. Our long-term goals include conducting international human missions to planetary bodies in our solar system such as the Moon and Mars; enabling advances to air and space systems to support "highways in the sky," "smart aircraft," and revolutionary space endeavors; supporting the maturation of established aeronautics and space industries and the development of new high-tech industries; enabling humans to forecast and assess the health of the Earth system; and establishing a virtual presence throughout our solar system.

road map illustrating Nasa's goals over the next 25 years.

NASA's Strategic Roadmap defines the near-, mid-, and long-term goals we will achieve in NASA's three mission areas over the next 25 years and beyond. The Roadmap above represents the overarching Agency goals. Similar roadmaps have been included in each Strategic Enterprise section to present the more detailed goals they will achieve during this same timeframe.

space mission control center, scientists working in a controlled environment, astronauts performing extravehicular activities

The NASA Team

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is composed of a diverse group of men and women at NASA Headquarters and the Agency's 10 field installations around the country. NASA, however, does not accomplish its mission alone, but in partnership with large and small contractors, members of the academic community, other Federal, State, and local agencies, and other space agencies from nations around the globe. Together, these entities form a comprehensive, highly skilled team that is dedicated to providing high-quality, technologically superior products and services to its customers. NASA's highly skilled workforce, including scientists, engineers, technicians, and administrative and support professionals, and our world-class facilities represent the backbone of the Nation's civil research and development capabilities in aeronautics and space.

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