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HQ Human Resources Management Division

The Human Resources Management Division (HRMD) manages and administers human resources activities at Headquarters. The Division works with HQ’s managers to build and maintain a stable, engaged, and productive workforce. Through specialties such as organizational development, staffing, workforce planning, and labor relations the HRMD provides a full complement of human capital services that support employees and managers.

Executive Resources Program
The Executive Resources team serves as the focal point for providing a wide range of Executive Resources services for Headquarters and Center senior leaders in the following communities: Senior Executive Service (SES), Senior Level/Scientific or Professional (SL/ST), Political Appointees, NASA Excepted (NEX), Experts and Consultants and Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) appointments. Major responsibilities include, but are not limited to: providing human resources consulting, advice, and operational support to Headquarters and Center senior leaders, managing recruitment and staffing actions for executive level positions and appointments, SES onboarding and orientation, managing activities associated with performance and awards and other human resources activities.

Human Resources Consulting Branch
The Human Resources Consulting Branch is responsible for providing advice and guidance on a broad range of human capital functional areas including: employee and labor relations, performance management, General Schedule (GS) staffing and placement, position management, classification, and compensation. The branch’s staffing specialist’s partner with managers to provide a wide range of consultative approaches to design a talent acquisition strategy that meets the customer objective through agency and government-wide flexibilities, programs, initiatives, and policies within regulatory, legal, and policy parameters. Additionally, the branch is a resource for employees and prospective employees on job opportunities, career information, navigating the federal personnel process, and other matters that affect employment.

The Employee and Labor Relations Program is responsible for providing technical advice and assistance to management on matters pertaining to employee conduct, performance management, and labor relations. The Labor Relations Officer serves a liaison with the labor union(s) as management’s spokesperson. The branch also manages the Employee Performance Communication System (EPCS) process and the SPACE system for all of HQs.
The branch is also responsible for record keeping as well as authentication of all official personnel actions for NASA Headquarters.

Organizational Capability Branch
The Organizational Capability Branch is responsible for increasing alignment between Headquarters’ strategic priorities and workforce investments. By implementing progressive workforce analytics and strategic workforce planning methods, the branch helps to inform data-driven decision-making among headquarters leadership. Further, by supporting headquarters’ use of HR Information Technology within the same branch, HRMD is working toward continuous improvement of the underlying HR data behind workforce analysis. In addition, the Organizational Capability Branch is also responsible for Organizational Design, analytical support to the division, and ensuring integration of analysis and HR business processes

Development and Engagement Branch
The Development and Engagement Branch is focused on the integration of employee and organizational development and employee engagement activities to support an organizational culture of learning and innovation. The employee development specialists and organizational development practitioners provide consultation services to assess organizational needs and provide value-added interventions and organizational development strategies. The Branch provides cutting edge learning solutions and employee engagement activities for Headquarters employees through a full range of human resource development products and services including awards and recognition, leadership and supervisory training, academic, on-site classes, executive coaching, mentoring, and learning consultation services.

If you have questions , please feel free to contact the HRMD staff on (202) 358-1998.

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