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Constellation Program

The vehicles of the Constellation Program are NASA's replacements for the Space Shuttle. Unlike earlier programs like the X-33, Constellation will directly inherit the legacies of both Apollo and the Space Shuttle, using parts and concepts of these earlier programs to build more dependable and economical craft that are supposed to serve as America's access to the International Space Station, our means of returning to the Moon, and visiting other worlds for the first time. This pathfinder covers the work that NASA is doing to bring Constellation's spacecraft from papers to products.

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Articles and Reports

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Internet Resources

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__________. Exploration Systems Architecture Study. 28 Aug. 2006 [26 Feb. 2007]
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Zapata, Edgar. KSC Next Gen. 25 Feb. 2007 [26 Feb. 2007]
Contractors' Websites
Lockheed Martin. Orion Crew Vehicle. 2006 [27 Feb. 2007]
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