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Military Space

Updated: August 2012

NASA was founded with the express intent of peacefully exploring space. However, for most of history, rockets were chiefly used by armies and navies. American military and naval personnel are posted temporarily to NASA centers if the agency can use their skills. Some NASA centers are next door to American military and naval bases so that the government can save money by using one set of labs and other facilities when our civilian and military programs have common needs.

American military space programs concentrate on navigation, communication, and remote sensing, although there are anti-missile and anti-satellite programs. Some programs, like the Global Positioning System, are military projects that have civilian applications. Others, like the United States Naval Observatory, are devoted to scientific research. You may also find items of interest in our webpages on Legislative Research and Space Law, International Cooperation in Space, or Interagency Collaboration. If you are a NASA employee, please consider subscribing to our news alerts on government reports and think tanks.

The following is a select bibliography of pertinent materials accessible to the patrons of the NASA HQ Library. All items are available at the Headquarters Library, except as noted. NASA Headquarters employees and contractors: Call x0168 or email Library@hq.nasa.gov for information on borrowing or in-library use of any of these items. Members of the public: Contact your local library for the availability of these items. NASA Headquarters employees can request additional materials or research on this topic. The Library welcomes your comments or suggestions about this webpage.

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NASA Policies

The following policies and procedural requirements can be accessed by anyone through the NASA Online Directives Information System:
NASA Policy Directive 3280.3J: Detail of Military Personnel to NASA
NASA Policy Directive 3280.8G: Recommendations for Military Awards and Decoration to Military Personnel Assigned to NASA


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The e-book listed here is available to NASA civil servants and contractors through the Books 24×7 service of SATERN.
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The e-books listed below are available to the general public through the National Academies Press.
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Committee on Materials Needs and R&D Strategy for Future Military Aerospace Propulsion Systems; National Research Council. Materials Needs and Research and Development Strategy for Future Military Aerospace Propulsion Systems. 2011. ISBN: 9780309212113


Please feel free to visit us from 7:30 to 5:00, Monday through Friday, or, if you are a NASA HQ civil servant, detailee, or contractor, you can read these journals online.
Aerospace America
Aerospace Daily and Defense Report
Air and Space Power Journal
This journal is accessible to the general public through the website of the US Air Force.
Army Space Journal
This journal is accessible to the general public through the website of the US Army.
Aviation Week and Space Technology
Quest: The History of Spaceflight Quarterly
Space News
Space Policy
This journal is accessible to the general public through the website of the US Navy.

Internet Resources

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