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Administrator's Strategic Outlook

NASA's Strategic Management System

External Assessment

  • Key External Factors




  • External Customers
  • Strategic Enterprises
  • Crosscutting Processes
  • Headquarters and NASA Centers

Strategic Enterprises

Synergy Within NASA and With Our Partners

  • Internal Synergy
  • External Partnerships and Cooperation



NASA's Crosscutting Processes

  • Manage Strategically
  • Provide Aerospace Products and Capabilities
  • Generate Knowledge
  • Communicate Knowledge

The NASA Team and Values

  • People
  • Excellence
  • Integrity


  • Appendix 1 Resource Requirements and Key Capabilities
  • Appendix 2 Summary and Relationship of Mission, Long-Term Goals, and Metrics
  • Appendix 3 Related Documents


Senior Management Council Concurrence

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