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Apollo Audio and Movie Segments
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Apollo Audio Movie
Apollo 8 astronauts read from Genesis on Christmas Eve, 1968 (115 seconds) (1.2MB WAV file) Apollo 8
liftoff of Apollo 10 (1.0MB WAV file, a short but high-quality audio clip with
great bass rumble from the Saturn V's F-1 engines)
Apollo 10
Lunar landing (150 seconds) (1.6MB WAV file)
Apollo 11
Liftoff of Apollo 14 (1.4MB WAV file)
Apollo 14 lunar landing (1.1MB WAV file)
Alan Shepard steps onto moon (0.9MB WAV file; Shepard observes tilt of LM and soft lunar
soil at base of two of the LM footpads)
Shepard and Mitchell erect flag on lunar surface (4.0MB)
lunar module ascent filmed from LM window (2.0MB)
* courtesy Tom Austin

* Dave Scott's first step..."Man Must Explore" (180 Kb)
* Scott performs experiment to prove a Galilean theory (485 Kb)

Apollo 15
* courtesy Tom Austin

Liftoff of Apollo 16 (2.5MB, a very nice 3:50 audio clip which joins the Apollo 16 countdown at about T-2:16. Listen to the F-1's rumble!)
* John Young breaks the heat flow experiment (245 Kb)

Apollo 16 lunar landing filmed from LM window(4.0MB)
Astronaut jumps and salutes flag(2.4MB)
Astronaut walks by Lunar Module(0.8MB)
Astronaut drives Lunar Rover(2.0MB)
* courtesy Tom Austin

Night launch of Apollo 17 Saturn V (634 Kb WAV file)
"...It's just like daylight here at Kennedy Space Center
as the Saturn V is moving off the pad..."
* Landing of Lunar Module Challenger (345 Kb)
* Astronauts discover orange soil on the Moon (260 Kb)

Astronaut walks from LM to Rover (3.3MB)
Cernan bounds across the moon (2.2MB)
Schmitt takes a spill (2.0MB)
More problems: "Dad-gummit!" (1.4MB)
"I was strolling on the Moon one day" (4.0MB)
Schmitt (gold visor up) and Cernan work (2.3MB)
working on the Moon (4.0MB)
final reflections from the Moon (1.9MB)
ascent from Taurus-Litrow (4.0MB)
ascent from Taurus-Litrow (small version; 2.0MB)

A very special thanks to Kipp Teague for organizing these NASA clips.
Please check out his Web site with more great audio-visual clips.

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