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Apollo: A Retrospective Analysis
Key Apollo Source Documents

Note: These documents are in pdf format and range in size up to almost 1MB each so downloading times may vary.

President John F. Kennedy Memo for Vice President, 20 April 1961

Lyndon B. Johnson, Vice President, Memo for the President, "Evaluation of Space Program," 28 April 1961

Wernher von Baun to the Vice President, 29 April 1961

Overton Brooks to the Vice President, 4 May 1961

John F. Kennedy, Excerpts from "Urgent National Needs" Speech to a joint session of Congress, 25 May 1961

Remarks by Wernher von Braun about Mode Selection for the Lunar Landing Program, 7 June 1962

George Mueller to Director, Manned Spacecraft Center, Revised Manned Space Flight Schedule," 31 October 1963

Report of Apollo 204 Review Board to the NASA Administrator, 5 April 1967

NASA Apollo Program Director to NASA Associate Adminsitrator for Manned Space Flight, "Apollo 8 Mission Selection," 11 November 1968

NASA Manned Spacecraft Center, "Apollo 11 Technical Air-to-Ground Voice Transcription," July 1969, pp. 317-19, 375-77

President Richard Nixon to Director, Apollo Program, 21 March 1972

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