National Aeronautics and Space Administration 

Space Medicine In Project Mercury


Mae Mills Link

Published as NASA Special Publication-4003 in the NASA History Series, 1965.

Table of Contents


Author's Preface


Chapter 1 - Space Medicine: A Critical Factor In Maned Space Flight

Chapter 2 - Aviation Medicine: Tap Root of Space Medicine Chapter 3 - Pre-Mercury Heritage In Biotechnology Chapter 4 - NASA Long-Range Life Sciences Program Chapter 5 - Medical Aspects of Astronaut Selection and Training Chapter 6 - Biomedical Aspects of Life-Support Systems Chapter 7 - Biomedical Planning for Launch, Tracking and Recovery Chapter 8 - The Season of Crisis: 1961 Chapter 9 - Space Medicine in 1961-62 Chapter 10 - Mercury Medical Operations Chapter 11 - The End of the Beginning


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