Hardware Manufacture and Acceptance

Excerpted from material compiled by North American Rockwell's Space Division Public Relation Office.

Section A - Boilerplates

No. Unit Acceptance Date (month, date, year) Use Location
BP-1 CM 11-14-62 Land and water impact tests MSC
BP-2 CM 12-11-62 Land and water impact tests MSC
BP-3 CM 4-15-63 Parachute recovery
BP-6 CM 7-01-63 Pad abort
  LES 7-01-63 Pad abort
BP-9 CM 3-11-63 Dynamic test
  SM 3-11-63
  LES 3-11-63
  Adapter 3-11-63
BP-12 CM 2-16-64 Transonic abort
  SM 2-25-64 Transonic abort
BP-13 CM 2-17-64 Booster and launch environment compatibility
  SM 2-15-64
  LES 2-15-64
  Adapter 2-14-64
BP-15 CM 6-14-64 Booster and launch environment compatibility
  SM 6-05-64
  LES 6-14-64
  Adapter 6-05-64
BP-16 CM 8-17-64 Booster, flight compatibility
  LES 8-17-64
  Adapter 8-17-64
BP-19 CM 2-19-63 Parachute recovery
BP-23 CM 9-17-64 High-Q abort
  SM 9-14-64 High-Q abort High-Q abort
  LES 9-19-64
BP-25 CM 10-02-62 Water recovery and handling equipment tests MSC
BP-26 CM 8-10-64 micrometeoroid flight
  SM 8-18-64
  LES 8-18-64
  Adapter 8-18-64
BP-27 CM 9-25-64 Dynamic tests MSFC
  SM 9-28-64 Dynamic tests MSFC
  LES 9-25-64 Dynamic tests MSFC
Section B-Mockups, Trainers, Simulators
M-2 CM 9-29-62 Interior arrangement KSC
M-3 CM 9-10-62 Interior arrangement KSC
M-4 SM (Partial) 11-14-62 Interface studies
  Adapter (Partial) 11-14-62
M-5 CM 10-12-62 Exterior arrangement NAA Storage
M-7 SM 11-04-62 Design studies MSC
M-9 CM 1-04-63 Handling and transportation Tulsa
  SM 1-04-63 KSC
  LRS 1-04-63
  Adapter 1-04-63
M-11 CM 1-04-63 Handling and transportation studies KSC
  SM 1-04-63 Tulsa
  LES 1-04-63 KSC
  Adapter 1-04-63
M-12 CM (Partial) 10-12-62 Crew support studies
M-22 CM 3-18-64 Interior and exterior arrangement
M-23 CM (Partial) 12-01-64 Umbilical tests MSFC
  SM (Partial) 12-01-64 MSFC
  LES 12-01-64 MSFC

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