The Result To Date

We have seen that not only the ascent into outer space but also the assurance of a controlled return to Earth is within the range of technical possibility, so that it does not appear at all justified to dismiss out of hand the problem of space flight as utopia, as people are traditionally inclined to do when they judge superficially. No fundamental obstacles whatsoever exist for space flight, and even those scientific and engineering prerequisites that are available today allow the expectation that this boldest of all human dreams will eventually be fulfilled. Of course, years and decades may pass until this happens, because the technical difficulties yet to be overcome are very significant, and no serious thinking person should fool himself on this point. In many respects, it will probably prove necessary in the practical implementation to alter extensively the recommendations that were proposed to date without a sufficient experimental basis. It will cost money and effort and perhaps even human life. After all, we have experienced all this when conquering the skies! However, as far as technology is concerned, once we had recognized something as correct and possible, then the implementation inevitably followed, even when extensive obstacles had to be overcome provided, however, that the matter at hand appeared to provide some benefits.

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