Beyond the Atmosphere: Early Years of Space Science

[433] Original Membership of United States National Committee
for the International Geophysical Year


Joseph Kaplan

University of California, Chairman

A. H. Shapley

National Bureau of Standards, Vice Chairman

N. C. Gerson

Air Force Cambridge Research Center, Recording Secretary

L. H. Adams

Carnegie Institution of Washington

H. G. Booker

Cornell University

Lyman J. Briggs

National Geographic Society

G. M. Clemence

U.S. Naval Observatory

John A. Fleming

American Geophysical Union

Lawrence M. Gould

Carleton College

F. W. Reichelderfer

U.S. Weather Bureau

E. B. Roberts

U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey

Paul A. Siple

Department of the Army

A. F. Spilhaus

University of Minnesota

Merle A. Tuve

Carnegie Institution of Washington

L. Washburn

Dartmouth College

Ex Officio

Wallace W. Atwood, Jr.

National Academy of Sciences

Lloyd V. Berkner

Associated Universities, Inc.

William G. Rubey

National Research Council

Walter Rudolph

Science Adviser's Office, Dept. of State

K. Stephenson

National Science Foundation, liaison

Hugh Odishaw

Administrative Secretary