LIVING ALOFT: Human Requirements for Extended Spaceflight





[332] Human adjustment to space is a new field of study. As such, it lacks the coordination found in more mature research specialties. We have attempted in this book to advance the understanding of life in space by providing a framework in which the various behavioral and social issues could be considered and by attempting to organize and synthesize the relevant data.

We have also indicated topics that we see as fruitful areas of research. This in no way implies that the Space Agency stands ready to support such investigations, or even concurs in our judgments. In fact, no source could support the volume of research that is potentially important to extended spaceflight; the relevant issues are too diverse and the questions too many. Information must be gathered using whatever means are available. As stated in the introduction to this book, we are now at the point that marks the end of our sojourn as visitors in space and the beginning of our role as space inhabitants. The thoughtful contributions from many disciplines can ease this passage.