History of Research in Space Biology and Biodynamics
- Lt. Colonel David G. Simons preceding.
- Aeromedical Animal Capsule Ready for Launch.
- Mouse Entering Container for Ride to Stratosphere.
- Man-High Capsule.
- Man-High (I) Flight About to End In Minnesota Brook.
- Man-High (II) Launching, 19 August 1957.
- Colonel John Paul Stapp preceding.
- Colonel Stapp Preparing for 10 December 1954 Sled Run.
- Captain John D. Mosely.
- Project High-Dive Dummy Launch.
- Cherokee Missile Used in Project Whoosh.
- Test of Lockheed Ejection Seat on Holloman Track.
- Convair "B" Seat Mounted for Track Testing.
- Drop Seat Used in Aircraft Crash Experiments on the High-Speed Track.
- Captain John A. Recht Seated on "Bopper".
- Anti-G Platform.
- 16 May 1958: Captain Beeding Absorbs 83 G's on the Daisy Track.
- Swing Seat.
- Car Crash With Dummy Subject.