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Ulli Lotzmann's Apollo Sketch Book

Dedicated to Pete Conrad, Dick Gordon, and Al Bean

Drawings Copyright by Ulrich Lotzmann. All rights reserved.
Edited by Eric Jones and Ken Glover
Last updated 13 February 2005.

Journal Contributor Ulrich Lotzmann (shown here with Martina and Christian) has been a close friend of both Pete Conrad and Alan Bean. He is co-editor of the Alan Bean Gallery and writes, "It was Al's artwork that motivated me to buy an easel, brushes, and acrylic paints - I had never painted before."

An example of Ulli's Bean-inspired paintings can be found in his ALSJ bio.

In December 2002, Ulli began to produce sketches which, for us, capture the spirit of Apollo better than any body of work other than Al Bean's paintings.

Ulli writes, "The sketches are my personal tribute to the men and women of International Latex Corp. and of Hamilton Standard Devision of United Aircraft Corp., who designed and manufactured the most special 'spaceships' ever built - the Apollo Space Suits with their portable life support systems (PLSSs)."

It is a pleasure to make the Sketchbook available to readers of the Journal.

Eric Jones and Ken Glover
18 February 2003

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