Pete With Stuff

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Sketch completed 15 December 2002.
Drawing Copyright by Ulrich Lotzmann. All rights reserved.
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129:40:45 Conrad: (Still laughing) We're with you all the way. Let's press on from the Head.

129:40:52 Gibson: (Laughing; with a good deal of Houston laughter audible in the background) Roger. We've got some happy looking geologists here. We have Uel Clanton back here, and he's betting that somewhere along the traverse, you'll find some "stuff".

129:41:08 Conrad: (Laughing) I think there's "stuff" all over the place.

[Conrad - "I called everything 'stuff', which was a real problem for Uel Clanton, who was with us through most of the geology training. Sometimes, when we'd have (field) exercises, all the heavies would come in."]

[Bean - "His bosses, the people that knew he was supposed to be training us."]

[Conrad - "And I'd keep calling it 'stuff'. And they kept saying 'that dumb sumbitch doesn't know anything.'"]

[Bean - (Laughing) "It reflected on him."]

[Conrad - "Uel really did tell me, you know, that they had this pool going down there (in Houston). And the other guys thought they were going to make a lot of money. Because they had a bet. Because Uel said, 'Don't worry, he won't do that when he's on the lunar surface. He'll use the right terms. And so Uel was going to have to pay somebody a buck every time I said 'stuff'."]

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