Jumpin' Jack Flash Schmitt

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Sketch completed 18 May 2003
Drawing Copyright by Ulrich Lotzmann. All rights reserved.
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After completing his work at the Station 8 boulder upslope from the Rover, Jack Schmitt started downhill, using what might be described as a 'hop, skip, and jump' gait. Moments later, he switched to a two-footed hop and pretended to ski.

Ulli writes, "The TV recording at about 167:06:40 shows Jack doing at least one very spectacular and acrobatic jump. Originally, I wanted to title the sketch 'Downhill' but, when my brother Juergen saw it the first time, he said: 'It looks like it should be Jumpin' Jack Flash Schmitt'."

Your editors, also Rolling Stones fans, like Juergen's title.

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