Apollo 11 Lunar Surface Journal


Apollo 11 Landing Site - Telescopic Views

Photographs Copyright © 2004 by Ulli and Christian 'Pete' Lotzmann.
All rights reserved.
Last revised 5 June 2007.


Apollo 11 Landing Site

(Left) Whole Moon photographed with an 8-inch newtonian with 1.2-m focal length.
(Right) Tranquility Base Close-up photographed with a 7-inch refractor with 12-m effective focal length (3-meter prime focal length of the refractor is 3m increased by a 4x Barlow-lens), Philipps TuoCam webcam, single frame shot, enhanced with unsharp masking.

Animated GGIF Image

Animation by Ken Glover.


12 Sept 2006 Tranquility

12 September 2006 during a few moments of good seeing.

12 Sept 2006 Tranquility

Comparison with a labeled detail from AS1-37-5447. Note that the view from Marburg does not include the Command Module. ;-)


24 May 2007 Tranquility

24 May 2007 at about 2000 UTC. Click on the image for a 3.8 Mb tif version.

24 May 2007 Tranquility animation

24 May 2007 animated close-up. Animation by Ken Glover.

24 May 2007 Tranquility animation

24 May 2007 animated close-up with AS11-37-5447 superimposed. Note that differences in viewing orientation make it difficult to achieve precise superposition. Animation by Ken Glover.


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