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Al Bean's Apollo 12 Suit

Photographed at the National Air and Space Museum's Garber Facility in 28 July 2004 by Ulrich Lotzmann under the guidance of Amanda Young and Bill Ayrey.
Last revised 11 December 2005.


Al Hammering at Halo

A detail from AS12-49-7286 shows Al hammering a core tube at Halo Crater


Ulli writes "Note that the Integrated Thermal Micrometeroid Garment (ITMG) of Al's suit was removed for post-flight analysis in late Januray 1970. The objective was to provide information on degradation of materials after an actual mission exposure.

The two lower arm sections were not disassembled. I'm not sure about both lower legs. The left lower leg (at least) was cut off for dust propagation determination at the White Sands Test Facility but, later, was re-attached to the suit.

The parts of the ITMG other than both lower arms and both lower legs with boots were not part of the flown suit."


Suit Front from Feet ( 0.7 Mb )
View of the front of the horizontal suit from the feet

Suit Front from Right Shoulder ( 0.9 Mb )
Christian Lotzmann examines Nonno Bean's suit. View toward the feet from the right shoulder.

Suit Calves and feet from the right hip ( 1.1 Mb )
View of the pressure garment feet from the right hip. The lunar boots slip over the suit feet like galoshes.


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