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Note that the times have been increased by 3 seconds to correspond to times the transmission would have been heard in Houston.

110:17:54 Conrad (on-board): Yes.

110:17:55 Bean (on-board): Attitude Translation, 4 Jets.

110:17:56 Conrad (on-board): 4 Jets.

110:17:57 Bean (on-board): Bal(ance) Couple, On.

110:17:58 Conrad (on-board): On.

110:17:59 Bean (on-board): Engine Gimbal, enable.

110:18:00 Conrad (on-board): Enable.

110:18:01 Bean (on-board): Descent Engine Command Override, Off.

110:18:02 Conrad (on-board): Off.

110:18:03 Bean (on-board): Abort, Abort stage, reset.

110:18:04 Conrad (on-board): Reset.

110:18:05 Bean (on-board): Deadband, Min(imum).

110:18:06 Conrad (on-board): MIN.

110:18:07 Bean (on-board): Attitude Control, three of them, Mode Control.

110:18:08 Conrad (on-board): Yes.

110:18:09 Bean (on-board): Mode Control, Auto, Auto.

110:18:10 Conrad (on-board): Yes.

110:18:11 Bean (on-board): Stop pushbutton's reset.

110:18:13 Conrad (on-board): Okay.

110:18:14 Bean (on-board): TTCA Throttle, Min(imum).

110:18:15 Conrad (on-board): Right.

110:18:16 Bean (on-board): 400 plus 1; I've done that. I'll check it again.

110:18:18 Conrad (on-board): You're going to have to speak louder; I don't know what's the matter.


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