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Fred Haise's Apollo 13 Suit

Photographed at the National Air and Space Museum's Garber Facility on 10 - 11 April 2006
by Ulli Lotzmann, Amanda Young, and Bill Ayrey.
Last revised 13 November 2007.


Fred's suit

Fred's flown suit.
Click on the image for a larger version.

Front View ( 1.0Mb )
The various connectors are indentified in a diagram provided by Karl Dodenhoff.

Right-Front View ( 1.0Mb )
Showing the sleeve pocket on the upper arm just below the shoulder.

Left-Front View ( 1.0Mb )

Connectors ( 1.2Mb )
The pattern of Velcro strips and snaps surrounding the connector cluster provided for installation of what seems to have been called an "umbilical cover". There is considerable evidence that the Apollo 11-14 LM crew members' suits all had a similar pattern of Velcro and snaps but, as of June 2007, we have been unable to locate any indication - in photos, checklists, and EMU handbooks - of an umbilical cover having been flown. Karl Dodenhoff has provided a photograph, but doesn't remember where he found it.

Right Arm and Adjacent Torso ( 0.9Mb )
The pressure gauge is on the inside of the right wrist, just above the wrist ring. The front zipper cover covers the public region.

Left Arm and Adjacent Torso ( 1.0Mb )

Right Thigh ( 1.0Mb )

Left Thigh ( 1.0Mb )
Showing a side opening, sewn-on thigh pocket and, just below the hip, two horizontal strips of Velcro for use in holding open the top of a strap-on thigh pocket.


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