Apollo 16 Lunar Surface Journal


Charlie's Station 10 Prime Pan

Commentary Copyright © 2001 by Eric M. Jones.
All rights reserved.
Last revised 28 April 2006.


Charlie's pan consists of frames AS16-117- 18801 to 18823.

A VR version is also avaliable. All assemblies by Mike Constantine.

Frame 18816 shows the LM and the back of the Rover.

Frame 18817 shows the condition of the magnetometer ribbon cable. As happened repeatedly to Ed Mitchell during Apollo 14, John had trouble getting the cable re-wound at Station 13 but, as we can see here, got enough of it rewound that it wasn't dragging along behind the Rover. Note the BSLSS (Buddy Secondary Life Support System) bag hanging from the back of Charlie's seat.

Frames 18818 and 18819 show John aligning the high-gain antenna.

In frame 18820, we can see the Central Station antenna sticking up behind the boulder.


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