The appendix to Space Handbook actually consists of four distinct documents. They have been separated in this version as an aid to search the book. The first appendix contains correspondence between the RAND Corporation and the Select Committee. The other three are linked back to the other chapters. Pressing the link will open that portion of the book.

APPENDIX 1 "CORRESPONDENCE" Correspondence between the RAND Corporation and the Select Committee on the completion of the book.

APPENDIX 2 "DETAILED TOPICAL OUTLINE" Every major paragraph heading from the text listed in order by chapter. Pressing the link opens that chapter and puts the paragraph heading at the top of the browser window.

APPENDIX 3 "LIST OF TABLES" Pressing the link opens the chapter at the top of the selected table.

APPENDIX 4 "LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS" There are two options with this appendix. Pressing the title opens just the image. Pressing the page number opens the chapter to the top of the image so that accompanying text may be read.