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The Problem of Space Travel:
The Rocket Motor

Edited by Ernst Stuhlinger and J.D. Hunley with Jennifer Garland

This first fully edited, complete English translation of Hermann Noordung's 1929 classic German text is an important contribution to the historical literature of space travel. This was the first book with specific engineering details for a space station. A foreword and preface provide background information on Noordung and historical context. Ernst Stuhlinger-who worked at the German rocket plant in Peenemčnde and later at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center-collaborated with J.D. Hunley, a NASA historian with a Ph.D. in European history, to edit this translation by Jennifer Garland. 149 pages, illustrated, paperback.

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Exploring the Unknown:
Selected Documents in the History of the U.S. Civil Space Program, Volume I: Organizing for Exploration

John M. Logsdon, General Editor, with Linda J. Lear, Jannelle Warren-Findley, Ray A. Williamson, and Dwayne A. Day

This valuable reference work is the first in a series of volumes tracing the history of the US civil space program. Exploring the Unknown presents more than 150 key documents, each introduced with a headnote providing useful background information. Introductory essays to the book's four sections-by Roger D. Launius, R. Cargill Hall, John M. Logsdon, and Sylvia K. Kraemer-place the documents within a broader historical context. The book begins with the nineteenth century prelude to the space age and ends with the 1990 Augustine Commission report on the future of the space program. Documents include:

  • Robert Goddard's "A Method of Reaching Extreme Altitudes"
  • The National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958
  • President Kennedy's 1961 speech to Congress announcing his goal of putting a man on the Moon before the end of the decade
  • Excerpts from the Rogers Commission report on the Challenger accident
  • Early planning documents on the Space Shuttle and Space Station programs

A detailed table of contents, an index, and biographical sketches make the book easy to use. 795 pages, hardcover with dustjacket.

"Exploring the Unknown should be considered indispensable for anyone interested in the space program and space policy."
—Thomas J. Frieling, Bainbridge College

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Book Cover for: Exploring the Unknown

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