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Formerly maintained by Ken Davidian of NASA's Lewis Research Center, the files making up this site have been transferred to a Rocketdyne server. There, they have taken on a new better look, and can be found with additional files on the X-33 aerospike engine (the XRS-2200) and the VentureStar aerospike engine (the RS-2200).
The old Aerospike Nozzle Home Page files have been reincarnated in a new format under the heading "How Aerospike Engines Works." As a result, the visitor will find a wealth of information on aerospike engines and nozzles: what they are, their advantages and disadvantages, the results of tests, and where to get more information. These pages also are richly illustrated.
The aerospike engine information is now divided into three sections:
Includes articles, books, technical reports, and a brochure dating from the 1960s.

Ken Davidian's "The Aerospike Nozzle Frequently Asked Questions List"

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