Proceedings of the X-15 First Flight 30th Anniversary Celebration

Appendix B: Nomenclature

AFFTCAir Force Flight Test Center
AFRESAir Force Reserve Squadron
ANGAir National Guard
AOAangle of attack
APUauxiliary power units
ASSETaerothermodynamic/elastic structural system environmental tests
DFCdistinguished flying cross
EVAextravehicular activity
gacceleration of gravity
GEGeneral Electric Company
GN2gaseous nitrogen
HSFSHigh-Speed Flight Station (now NASA Ames-Dryden)
L/Dlift-to-drag ratio
LN2liquid nitrogen
LOX, LO2liquid oxygen
MMach number
NAANorth American Aviation, Inc.
NACANational Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration
NH3anhydrous ammonia
PIOpilot-induced oscillation
PRIMEprecision recovery including maneuvering entry
PSACPresident's Scientific Advisory Committee
qdynamic pressure; also called "q bar"
R/Eredundant/cmergency (systems)
RMIReaction Motors, Incorporated
SABScientific Advisory Board
SAMSsurface-to-air missiles
SSTOsingle stage to orbit
Ttime, thrust
USAFUnited States Air Force
USNUnited States Navy
WADCWright Aeronautical Development Center

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