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Bill McNally

Welcome to the NASA Office of Procurement Website.

I hope you find the information provided useful in gaining insight into who we are and how we contribute to the NASA mission.  Please take a moment to read our mission, goal, and objective statements as well as the Procurement Tenets we believe in and operate under.  Collectively, these statements define who we are and how we do our job.  We have also assembled links that can help you do business with NASA as a prime contractor, sub-contractor, or grantee.  Links to our data can help you focus on specific business opportunities, understand where opportunities may be in the future, or just see where NASA spends its appropriated funds.

Your feedback about your experience with our website is welcome.  Let us know if you found it useful, informative, and easy to navigate as well as your ideas for ways we could improve.

You may contact me by clicking on the “How to Reach the Assistant Administrator” link on the left margin.  

NASA Procurement’s Vision, Mission, and Strategic Goals

Deliver optimal business solutions meeting NASA’s mission

Acquisition Excellence in an Evolving Environment

Goal 1:  Develop and maintain a balanced workforce strategy
Goal 2:  Enhance the development of procurement professionals
Goal 3:  Ensure procurement policy is required, clear, and easily implemented
Goal 4:  Improve procurement by fully integrating people, processes, and requirements to meet Agency needs
Goal 5:  Ensure an efficient and sustainable electronic tool set that is useful and used
Goal 6:  Forge strategic alliances, internal and external, that will enable continuous improvement of the acquisition function

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