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[292-294] Chapter 5: NACA Research on High-Energy Propellants



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12. The date--even the year-of the meeting referred to is, unfortunately, in question. The author, a participant in the meeting, believes it was 1950 and so stated in a paper given before the International Astronautical Congress in 1973. On 26 Apr. 1974, another parlicipant, William Lawler Doyle of Redondo Beach, CA, asserted during an interview that the date was 19 May 1950. The month and year are supported by an internal memorandum of Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, East Hartford, CT, entitled "Rocket Motors" by C. Branson Smith on 31 July 1956 (PWA files). In discussing choice of propellants, Smith cited a reference given as "Minutes of Meeting for Selection of Rocket Propellants-NACA, May 1950-best overall discussion." The official NACALewis laboratory file copy of the minutes, prepared by the author, was destroyed in a purge of classified documents in 1969. The NASA-Lewis "shelf list" of documents (Records Management) indicates that a document entitled "Conference on Rocket Propellant Selection held at Lewis on 19 May 1950" was destroyed 15 Sept. 1969. Undoubtedly a rocket propellant selection meeting was held 19 May 1950, but what is not completely proved is whether this was the particular meeting the author is referring to. The recollections of the author, of Doyle, the Smith document, and the NASA-Lewis record all but settle the matter except for one major problem. The caller and chairman of the meeting, Abe Silverstein-a man proud of his memory-insists that the meeting was held as late as 1952. Since the meeting was one of the early indications of positive NACA-Lewis interest in liquid hydrogen for rockets, the author hopes that documents by other participants at the meeting will surface and resolve the issue. Until then, the 1950 date has been adopted.


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