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This page last modified on January 4, 1997.

This page soon will be re-sited at MSFC. Watch for details.

This is an HTML version of material provided to NASA HQ by the Boeing Company. The Boeing material consisted of electronic copies of the originating documents which comprised the Commercial Space Transportation Study, Phase 1 Study (a survey and business assessment of existing, emerging, and potential new space markets).

The Phase 1 study was done by the Commercial Space Transportation Study Alliance, composed of members from the following six major United States Aerospace Corporation (as it was constituted in 1994) components (with the study performance contract identified):

  1. Boeing Defense and Space Group (NASI-19247, Task 14)
  2. General Dynamics Space Systems Division (NASI-19242, Task 9)
  3. Lockheed Missiles and Space Company, Inc. (NASI-19241, Task 27)
  4. Martin Marietta Astronautics (NASI-19230,, Task 9)
  5. McDonnell Douglas Aerospace (NASI-19244, Task 14)
  6. Rockwell Space Systems Division (NASI-19243, Task 12)

The original electronic material from Boeing was obtained on a Syquest 80 megabyte cartridge. This material consisted of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Aldus Freehand (at that time) documents each containing large numbers of embedded additional documents of a mixed variety. This material was converted to HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and Web-capable graphics files through the use of several applications running concurrently on a Macintosh workstation.

The conversion process was begun in January, 1996 and completed by January, 1997. The process was initiated by a request from Steve Brody, Office of Space Science, Solar System Exploration Division, Office of Mission From Planet Earth. William Claybaugh, Office of Space Access and Technology (as it was then), Reusable Launch Vehicle Program Office, agreed with the request from the Office of Space Science and became the responsible official for this document.

In the conversion process, many spelling and typographical errors have been corrected and table misalignment has been corrected as much as possible. All graphical presentations in this HTML version are faithful to the original as compared with copies of the printed document. The original Boeing electronic material remains available to anyone who wishes a copy of the electronic source documents. The total size of these files is 8 meg., 764 kbytes of data. To obtain these, send email to Charles Redmond, manager of this conversion project.

The document is a hefty set of data. The printed version stands an honest inch-and-a-half high with the material book-printed on both sides of the paper. The advantage this HTML version brings to the presentation of the study results is that this version is entirely self-referenced internally via the hypertext markup capabilities of HTML. The original document contained innumerable references to tables, charts, other sections, and appendices.

The reader would have been a sleight-of-hand artist to have deftly used the study's incredible wealth of data. By creating links to each of the references in the entire document, this version stands the possibility of enhancing the data return from the study. There are over 1580 links within the HTML version of the Commercial Space Transportation Study. Each of these links has been individually tested, as have all the images and pages themselves. The HTML files weigh in at 5.875 megabytes of HTML source and ".jpg" and ".gif" files. These are also avalailable for a simple email to Charles Redmond. Copies can be FTP'd.

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